Fire Hero Learning Network Operational Checklists

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What are the NFFF Operational Checklists?

The National Fallen Firefighters Operational Checklists project provides standard and customizable checklists for major operations conducted by fire departments. The checklists, developed by recognized experts and leaders in the fire service, detail the typical major tasks to be conducted during a particular type of operation. By using the checklists, you can help ensure that you have considered and completed all these tasks during the operation. Therefore, it is recommended that you print the checklists you create and keep a copy in each apparatus and response vehicle.

What is "Standard" vs. "Customized"?

Checklists are available as either "Standard" or "Customized." A Standard Checklist includes all the task items recommended by the NFFF for that operation. The Standard Checklist has an NFFF title at the top. You can download a Standard checklist as a PDF file. The second type of checklist, Customized, is customized by you for your department. A Customized checklist begins with all the items in the Standard checklist. Then, you choose which items to remove based on your department's needs and procedures. You can also change the title to use your department's name and logo. When you are happy with the Customized checklist, you can download it as a PDF file. Each Customized checklist is saved in the Fire Hero Learning Network system so you can return any time to review or to revise your Customized checklists Or, you can start a new Customized checklist. You can have multiple Customized versions of the same checklist. This is handy if you serve with multiple fire departments and want to make checklists for each one.

How do I get access to the Operational Checklists?

To download the Standard checklists or create Customized checklists, you must first register with the Fire Hero Learning Network (or log in if you are already registered). Membership and the checklists are free. To use the checklists, you need to become a member and log in because the Fire Hero Learning Network saves your Customized checklists to your user account. It takes just a few moments to register, and registration gets you access not only to the checklists, but also to all the online training modules on the Fire Hero Learning Network.

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