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Fire Hero Learning Network Registered Users Surpasses 100,000
The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is pleased and excited that the Foundation's online learning platform, the Fire Hero Learning Network (FHLN), has surpassed the milestone of 100,000 registered users. (more)
Fire Hero Learning Network Registered Users Surpasses 100,000

Available Programs

After Action Review
After Action Review (AAR) offers the fire service the opportunity to formalize the tradition of informal post-incident conversations. (more)
Automatic Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Systems
This self-paced program on the Fire Hero Learning Network explains the firefighter health and safety benefits of automatic fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems and provides a set of core principles guiding the firefighter's interaction with these systems. (more)
Communication & Mentoring for Company Officers
This Self-Paced Program helps company officers understand their interpersonal communication and mentoring responsibilities. (more)
Company Officer's Health & Safety Responsibilities
This Self-Paced Program helps company officers understand their leadership role in the fundamentals of firefighter health and safety. (more)
Courage To Be Safe®
This firefighter training module provides an introduction to all sixteen Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and assists the user in taking the first steps toward addressing these safety initiatives in their job and department. (more)
Creating Change in the Fire Service
This module is a roundtable discussion between five fire service leaders about how to create change in the fire service and lead a culture of safety. (more)
Curbside Manner:  Stress First Aid for the Street
Just as doctors talk about "bedside manner" when talking to patients, the "curbside manner" of first responders really makes a difference in how people experience and process a difficult life event. (more)
Leadership, Accountability,  Culture and Knowledge (LACK)
This module educates fire officers how to make changes in their departments that will help prevent line of duty deaths. (more)
Peer Support Programs for the Fire Service
This awareness-level, self-paced module will cover the foundational principles of a peer support program and direct users to resources that can help them design and establish a peer support program in their department. (more)
Responding to Violent Incidents
This self-paced program focuses on firefighter health and safety within the context of responding to known violent incidents and in cases where an incident turns violent during response. (more)
Saving Lives: Inspiring Stories in Community Risk Reduction
This self-paced program spotlights two company officers and one survivor who have made a significant impact in locally and nationally through community risk reduction. (more)
Stress First Aid for Fire and EMS Personnel
Firefighter Life Safety Initiative #13 states: "Firefighters and their families should have access to counseling and psychological support." (more)
Taking Care of Our Own®
This firefighter training module is designed to help you to better understand and support the needs of both family and fire service survivors after a line-of-duty death and to learn how to create a plan for your fire department in case of such an event. (more)
When an LODD Occurs: Incident Commanders Speak
This program addresses the potential psychological and operational impact of the line-of-duty death, meeting the needs of the surviving family and of the department members. (more)

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How did you hear about the Fire Hero Learning Network?

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