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Leadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge (LACK)

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This module educates fire officers how to make changes in their departments that will help prevent line of duty deaths.The fire officer leadership training module begins with the devastating impact of an LODD and the surprising fact that many contributing factors to LODDs result from the fire service culture, the reinforcement of unsafe behaviors, and breakdowns in safety priorities.The module then explains how a balanced approach of leadership, accountability, culture, and knowledge can reverse these contributing factors and help prevent LODDs.In each of these four areas, the fire officer leadership training module provides practical and specific information that the fire officer can immediately implement to save firefighter lives and reduce injuries.

This module includes writing exercises throughout the presentation.While these exercises are optional, they are designed to help you get the most out of this program and provide a reference for you as you move forward with implementing what you learn in the fire officer leadership training module.
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