Developing a Pre-Incident Plan for a Protected Building

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Pre-incident planning improves sprinkler activation alarm call response. This is especially true for commercial and industrial structures because they often contain specialized equipment, warehoused goods, unusual or complicated floor plans, atypical contents, and unfamiliar fuel load configurations. Pre-incident planning allows the department to assess a structure's fire suppression systems, use, occupancy, contents, occupancy, water sources, hazards, obstructions, and other important factors that impact fire suppression efforts. This effort is extremely important because fire officers and crews see relatively fewer callouts to commercial and industrial properties compared to residential properties. Pre-incident planning also helps the department establish a relationship with the building's owner, tenants, and facilities manager. In this self-paced program, you will learn how to complete a pre-incident plan. Doing pre-incident plans for all sprinklered properties in your first due areas is an important component of being prepared and rendering professional service to your community.

This program is the third in a series of four programs in the Fighting Fire In Sprinklered Buildings multi-program certificate. The full sequence is:

  • Part 1: Automatic Sprinkler System Design and Function
  • Part 2: Why Sprinklered Buildings Burn
  • Part 3: Developing a Pre-Incident Plan for a Protected Building
  • Part 4: Engine Company Operations at Fires in Sprinklered Properties

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