Communication & Mentoring for Company Officers

Credit Hours: 1
This Self-Paced Program helps company officers understand their interpersonal communication and mentoring responsibilities. Communication takes place in many ways — between the officer and his/her crew, between officers, and between the officer and his/her superior. Knowing how to effectively communicate priorities, understand and respond to problems, and handle difficult or awkward situations at all these levels is key to being an effective officer. In the fire service, with its strong tradition of brotherhood, mentoring is another important aspect of communication and is especially critical to career and personal growth. The officer may seek mentors to further his/her own career and personal goals. The officer should also realize that he or she may be a mentor to other firefighters, whether formally or informally. Mentorship at both ends of the relationship carries with it responsibilities that must be accepted and met through words and actions. This program touches on these many aspects of communication and mentoring through the eyeså of seasoned company officers.

This program is an introduction to the communication and mentoring topics for company officers, meaning it discusses a these topics at only the awareness level of depth. It is recommended that the company officer seek out further training and resources. For new Company Officers, this training is part of navigating the transition from firefighter to Company Officer. For existing Company Officers, this training may be undertaken at any time during their tenure.

In the fire service, big transitions occur between firefighter to Company Officer and Company Officer to Chief Officer. That first transition, firefighter to Company Officer, is the firefighter's first step into a leadership role with direct responsibility for the health and safety of a crew. This transition has many facets and many opportunities to grow into a competent, respected officer. It also can be fraught with difficulty as the officer learns how to manage a crew and make life-altering decisions. This Self-Paced Program supports the existing fire officer education and training system by providing specific, credible information about the communication and mentoring aspects of the company officer's health and safety responsibilities.

This Self-Paced Program is designed to be taken in tandem with the program "Company Officer's Health & Safety Responsibilities."

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