About Us

The Mission of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is to honor America's Fallen Firefighters, assist their survivors, and work to prevent firefighter deaths and injuries. We are able to do our work thanks to the support of caring individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations. Congress created the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in 1992.

With the support of fire and life safety organizations, the Foundation has launched Everyone Goes Home®, a major initiative to prevent firefighter line-of-duty deaths and injuries. Fire Hero Learning Network, FireHeroLearningNetwork.Com, the official online learning network of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, is part of the Everyone Goes Home® effort.

Fire Hero Learning Network delivers critical safety, operations, and community relations fire service training, from the line firefighter through to command and leadership. Unless otherwise noted, the modules on FireHeroLearningNetwork.Com are appropriate for all levels of the fire service, all staffing characteristics (career, volunteer, and combination), all jurisdictions in the United States, and all types of firefighting (including public, private, structure, vehicle, wildland, military, transportation authority, State Fire Marshal, special squad, and academia).

The content on FireHeroLearningNetwork.Com is developed in cooperation with and vetted by recognized experts in the fire service. The experts for each fire service training module are listed under the “Contributors” tab of the module’s navigation bar. The user can earn a certificate of completion for the module by passing a Skills Challenge test at the end of the module. The testing and documentation available for module completion enables fire service personnel to keep a training record that can assist with meeting continuing education requirements.

Primary funding for Fire Hero Learning Network is provided by the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program for Fire Prevention & Safety. Additional support for content development for some of the individual fire service training modules has been provided by the United States Department of Justice


The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation provides FireHeroLearningNetwork.Com to further the organization’s mission and the goals of the Everyone Goes Home® program by providing free, vetted training and resources to all members of the fire service. FireHeroLearningNetwork.Com uses text, audio, video, graphics, and animation to deliver practical training content that fire service professionals can use on the job every day.For more information on all the programs and services available from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, please visit FireHero.Org.

For more information on the Everyone Goes Home® program and the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives, please visit EveryoneGoesHome.Com