The Fire Hero Learning Network Adds Group Pre-Registration Feature

Organizations Can Now Pre-Register their Personnel for Easy Access to Firefighter Health & Safety Training

The Fire Hero Learning Network now offers a Group Pre-Registration feature for departments and other fire service organizations. Rather than your personnel registering individually, Group Pre-Registration allows you to provide a specially formatted spreadsheet of basic user information for multiple users to pre-register them. Once loaded into the network, each user in the spreadsheet receives an automatic email inviting them to activate their registration and begin their training. Once each member completes their registration by selecting a password and security question, they have access to all FHLN programs.

"Departments have been asking for this feature to get all their personnel registered at once. Pre-registration removes a barrier to entry," said John Tippett, Director of Fire Service Programs for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, "Departments no longer must communicate with their personnel individually to remind them to register. Just upload a spreadsheet and the FHLN does the work. It's fast and easy."

Full details and instructions on how to format and upload your spreadsheet are on the Group Pre-Registration page. There is no fee for Group Pre-Registration.

Group Pre-Registration is particularly powerful when used in combination with FHLN's Secondary Reporting. Secondary Reporting gives your organization's training managers direct access to the FHLN training results for members of your organization who opt in. So, you can pre-register all your personnel with Group Pre-Registration and then use Secondary Reporting to monitor their training results to ensure they are meeting requirements you set. More details are available on the Secondary Reporting page. Secondary Reporting has a nominal one-time setup fee to create the organization's branded portal to access training results.

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