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Q1: I am typing in the correct password, but I cannot sign in to the site. What could be wrong?
Passwords are case sensitive, so be sure that you are using the upper and lower case as you entered them when you set the password. If you still cannot sign in with the password you expect to work, please use the password recovery function.

Q2: I am already registered, but I share the same email address with someone else who would like to also sign up. What should we do?
To use FireHeroLearningNetwork.Com, you must have a unique email address. This is because the system maintains an individual training record linked to the email address; therefore multiple users cannot share the same account. There are several websites you can use to obtain a free email address.

Q3: Where do I find more resources for Everyone Goes Home®?
Information on Everyone Goes Home® can be found on the Everyone Goes Home® web site.
Operational Checklists
Ten Operational Checklists to help ensure you have considered and completed all relevent tasks during a major operation are now available to customize for your department. Learn More
I would like to be able to report my work on modules if I choose.

I would like to be able to report my work on modules if I choose.